Support Ukrainian Horticulture by Improving Bussiness 


First webinar took place on May 17,  2023

About Us

As Dutch Horticultural Cluster “Stiyka Ukraina”, we want to support Ukraine by improving business between the Netherlands and Ukraine. During this war, which is going on already for more than a year, the Ukrainian economy has fallen by more than 30%, the national currency, the Hryvna, has lost 25% and prices of fruits&vegetables have locally increased dramatically. Financing institutions have stopped giving finance to companies due to the war, although 90% of the area of Ukraine is not occupied (size of France) and growers are trying to continue business as usual in these never foreseen circumstances.
Business don’t have barriers! Big companies like Unilever and Bayer starting up factories in the Kyiv region. Actions rather than words.
Ukraine has very fertile soils, a highly motivated and resilient workforce, good water and a milder climate than Spain. The Netherlands is looking for production areas, CO2 & N compensation, outsourcing of labour-intensive processes and expansion of sales areas.

In our opinion, this is the best way to offer perspectives, to develop economic activities in Ukraine and make the Ukrainian Horticulture Future Proof. This means more efficient and sustainable through: mechanization, improve logistics, cold chain and make certified disease free planting materials available. The Dutch government has limited resources available for countries at war, but RVO (Ministry Dutch Enterprise Agency) supports economic activities by the business community. In consultation with the Agricultural Council in Kyiv, the Horticulture Cluster: “Stiyka Ukraina” and their Ukrainian Partners will gather ideas and initiate initiatives.

We are looking at opportunities in (soft) fruit & vegetable cultivations, tree nurseries and the provision of technology and knowledge. Investment and finance programs are investigated from which Ukrainian horticulture can make use of and in which we as the Netherlands can make a significant contribution.

“Stiyka Ukraina” is independent and open to every player in the horticultural chain: producers of starting material, suppliers, technology, trade, retail, service and processing.

To contact the organizers:

+31 6 23930790